Allies Design Studio






Once we had established Pump Street’s new identity we were able to look at the design of the packaging for the chocolate bars and continue the new style ethos across the range. We introduced a new autumnal colour palette, which worked in unison with the new soft stone background colour of the packs. We were also able to create a larger front label for the bars, which enabled more information about the cacao farms and crop vintage to be displayed.

Mini Bar Packaging


The Pump Street Chocolate mini bars represent the evolution of their bar format. While the 70g bars are made to be tasted, enjoyed and savoured over several sittings, the mini bars are crafted to be enjoyed as a single portion.

Our brief for the mini bars packaging was to have shelf standout and be fun. We took the colours we had used for the larger bars and splashed them across the background of the envelopes. The complete set is a vibrant palette of colours, eye catching and easy to spot!

Chris, Rob and I are so proud to be able to share the new Pump Street identity. The process we went through with Allies Design, from brief, to exploring many directions we could have taken, was illuminating and very fulfilling. Susanna and Lucy were key to our understanding of our existing visual identity and all of the possibilities. We learnt a great deal about our strengths and priorities as a business, and where we want to go moving forward. As a result of the meticulous process, we are certain that we have reached the right balance of heritage and development, new and old. We are sure our customers will continue to know and identify with the product they love, and new customers will still turn to us as a design-forward quality, ethical chocolate maker.
— Joanna Brennan, Founder of Pump Street Chocolate