Allies Design Studio





Pump Street had become synonymous with great quality, single origin craft chocolate. We were approached to reposition the brand within the luxe end of craft chocolate, with an aim to be the pre-eminent British craft chocolate maker in the global market; to be a globally recognised, ethical brand successfully making the best quality chocolate in the UK.

Feedback from customers indicated a confusion between Pump Street Bakery and Pump Street Chocolate, with many believing that the chocolate could only be used for baking and cooking. To clear up any confusion we proposed that Pump Street became the umbrella brand with both Chocolate and Bakery becoming separate sub-divisions. This allows for the branding to be used independently, while building strong brand awareness for the different customer bases. The feedback also revealed that the price point of the bars was not reflected within the packaging, and customers were hesitant in spending money on the product.

We enlisted esteemed lettering artist Peter Horridge to fulfil our design concept for the new Pump Street identity; refining the original letters and creating a considered marque that exudes their perfected skill and mastery in chocolate making. 

Chris, Rob and I are so proud to be able to share the new Pump Street identity. The process we went through with Allies Design, from brief, to exploring many directions we could have taken, was illuminating and very fulfilling. Susanna and Lucy were key to our understanding of our existing visual identity and all of the possibilities. We learnt a great deal about our strengths and priorities as a business, and where we want to go moving forward. As a result of the meticulous process, we are certain that we have reached the right balance of heritage and development, new and old. We are sure our customers will continue to know and identify with the product they love, and new customers will still turn to us as a design-forward quality, ethical chocolate maker.
— Joanna Brennan, Founder of Pump Street Chocolate