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Chocolate Packaging


Pump Street Chocolate in Suffolk, helmed by father and daughter team Chris and Joanna, is unique in that they roast the cocoa beans for their chocolate bars in the bread ovens at their bakery, combining their love of baking with their love of chocolate to create multi-award winning bars with flavours such as Sourdough & Sea Salt and Eccles Cake.

The Pump Street chocolate Easter chickens are of single origin chocolate, hand-crafted using Pump Street’s award winning Madagascar Milk 58% and Jamaica 75% dark chocolate. The chickens shelter in pastel coloured tubes, protecting the delicate chocolate and bring the promise and joy of Spring to shelves. 

“Working with Allies Design has meant a perfect balance of an aesthetic and practical approach to the task. Their attention to detail has meant that we’ve been confident throughout that the end product would look and work exactly as conceived.”
— Joanna Brennan, Founder of Pump Street Bakery

The design of the Father Christmas figurine and Library of Bars packaging was to heighten appreciation of the all-consuming focus on quality for the small batch, handmade chocolate, from beans imported directly from family farms.

Illustrator Geoffrey Appleton illustrated the figurine and the exterior of their picturesque bakery. The new packaging tube both protects the fragile chocolate inside and creates an impact on the shelf.

The extensive Library of Bars packaging needed to be as special as the bar it holds. The rich, midnight blue box with gold foil highlights is the perfect compliment to it's cargo, the ultimate gift for chocolate connoisseurs. A library card for each bar outlines the origin, percentage and any inclusions. Tasting notes are included as well as guidance for tasting and space to make your own observations.

Images by Sarah Hogan