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Brindisa import and supply the most extensive range of Spanish food produce in Britain today, and have built a reputation for top-quality, artisanal products from established, specialist suppliers across Spain. Keen to expand the wholesale facet of their business, Brindisa approached Allies to design their Wholesale Product Catalogue, transforming it from a basic, photocopied price list into an inspiring guide that would motivate sales and cement Brindisa’s reputation in the wholesale arena.

“Unconditional success: volumes up by 20% in the 12 months since launch and integrity reinforced. Our dialogue with the Allies team since then has deepened and we now seek their advice on all Brindisa aspects. We know they will bring original insights and procedural rigour to the table.”
— Alastair Brown, MD at Brindisa

Following on from the packaging designs we’d already created for Brindisa, we approached the project with the intention of creating a beautiful, functional and informative price list that would emphasise the origins and provenance of the produce on offer, and elevate the price list into a useful resource for potential wholesale customers. Using atmospheric and evocative photography both of the products and of the sun-drenched Spanish landscape, we created a structure for the list which borrowed conceptually from information design, guiding customers through the products on offer and providing information on their qualities and origins. Colours were chosen to echo the existing Brindisa own-brand packaging designs and create a sense of continuity and cohesion, and the type was chosen to convey a subtly assertive Spanish influence whilst sitting comfortably against the existing Brindisa logo and packaging.