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The Guide to Artisan Cheeses


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The Guide to Artisan Cheeses

Summer began for us with the launch of the most comprehensive guide to artisan cheeses for our client Harvey & Brockless. Our aim was to design a detailed guide to the vast catalogue of artisan cheeses they have to offer, while visually respecting the dedication which went into each cheese. 

The Harvey & Brockless team approached us late last year with the idea of creating a catalogue of the artisan cheeses they supply, helping their customers to choose a suitable cheese through the use of tasting notes, detailed descriptions and images.

What started out as a simple product brochure quickly evolved into a comprehensive, illustrative guide to the enchanting world of cheeses, where they are produced, and profiles on the passionate people who create
and produce them.

The respect and care that goes into the creation of each cheese inspired us to show the same attention to detail when it came to capturing the cheeses on camera,
which is why we turned to Sarah Maingot and stylist Polly Webb-Wilson.

The earthy, tonal palette used throughout acted as a complimentary backdrop to the rich, muted colours of the cheeses. With natural, textural props used to create a soft, rural atmosphere, the images celebrate the heritage and history behind the cheeses and their producers.

“The brochure is definitely a game changer for us.”
— Jonnie Archer, Commercial Director, Harvey & Brockless
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