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The Big Book of Baking


Allies Design Studio


The Big Book of Baking

Its August, and that can only mean one thing, a new series of the Great British Bake Off has begun! To accompany the show Allies were asked to design the new recipe book, and we are excited to announce the release date is today (!) and very pleased to reveal the inside spreads to you.


The brief this year was to make this book closer to Bake Off than ever. Which meant getting in closer to the bakers and their bakes, and embracing the beautiful setting that the iconic marquees are located, with the abundance of wild flowers along with the fields of buttercups!

Chapter Openers

Each chapter opening with a wild flower, sets a calming and uplifting start to your baking.


Designing for recipe books is something that we really enjoy, and to create a layout for a recipe that is both easy to follow and beautiful is what we always strive for. We have created visual navigation icons for the different types of recipes such as Signature, Technical challenge and Show Stopper, and a difficulty rating per recipe which all bring a playful and informative elements to the recipes.

Step by Steps

In order to make this book as useful, accessible and as close to Bake Off as possible, the step by step photography was key to help achieve these. We wanted the reader to feel like they were in the tent with the bakers watching over their shoulder, or standing in front of them, to the point

The Set

Within this years book you will find a variety of lovely shots, of the set, the surrounding gardens, bakers caught in action and much more...

The Bakers

This year it was decided that we wanted more of the bakers personalities within the book, to find out a little more about them...their favourite 3 items of kitchen equipment, what they get up to when they’re not baking and many more questions!


Kristin Perers was the talent behind the wonderful photography throughout, including close up shots of the wild flowers, the delicious bakes and the contestants hard at work in the tent. Art directed by Allies, the overall feel is the summery Bake Off book that we hoped for.

susanna cook